Innovation Philosophy

I currently serve as Innovation Director for the home office underwriting department of a Fortune 500 insurance company. My innovation philosophy is best described by author David Epstein: "Seeing small pieces of a larger jigsaw puzzle in isolation, no matter how hi-def the picture, is insufficient." Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World 267 (2019). Streams of far-flung origin merge to create powerful rivers, and in my role, I cross-pollinate law and design to create innovations like these:


The tired metaphor of "human against machine" has never really been true. Humans are a tool-building species, and our greatest feats have always been enabled by some form of technology. In my work, I look for ways to combine the best attributes of humans and machines. You can read about my approach here.


I led the invention of what would become the title insurance industry's first home-grown blockchain application. I captained the team that built the system, from its first-light ideation through the project's completion. You can read about the invention here.

Remote Online Notarization

I've been extensively involved in remote online notary ("RON") work since the first RON law came into effect in 2012. I helped draft the American Land Title Association / Mortgage Bankers Association Model Legislation for Remote Online Notarization, which has influenced the law in multiple states. You can review the text of the model act here.