Justin Lischak Earley photo

Justin D. Lischak Earley

Nice to meet you, I'm Justin. I'm a multidisciplinary attorney and user experience strategist. I read law at Duke, and I studied interaction design at the University of California, Irvine. I believe that the most powerful ideas emerge from having the range to combine widely disparate fields. In my professional life, I explore how centuries-old legal rules and emerging technologies intersect.

I'm an intellectual omnivore who thrives on synthesizing different perspectives. My approach derives from my diverse background: I grew up in rural West Virginia, but I've had family in Japan since before I was in kindergarten. I've lived in the smallest of East Coast small towns (Pine Grove, WV) and the largest of West Coast metro areas (Los Angeles megalopolis). My experience has taught me both how to seize the power of the first-mover advantage, and how to see the untapped value in what the first-movers leave behind.

I particularly love to combine the old and the new. I keep a two-factor cryptography key on my right wrist, and I wear a hand-wound watch on my left. I mark up documents on a digital paper device, but I curate an extensive physical collection of law treatises on my bookshelves. I want the most advanced engine in my car, but I drive stick.

I combine law and design to create game-changing innovations. Check out the menu to learn more about my work.